Dario is a social media enthusiast and avid beta tester. He is known for his popular GBA4iOS beta blog and up-to-date news on a range of different topics.

You guys asked for for it and we complied! After hundreds of emails and tweets, iEmulators is proud to finally introduce the popular DS emulator, nds4ios - now available for download. We got granted special permission from the developers themselves to host their last version before it was unfortunately taken down. Get downloading if you want to play some classic DS games today!

Watch a special tutorial video by @OPERATIONiDROID here to learn more about what devices work best with this emulator and its features!
Developed by David Valdeita, MAME4iOS is a beautifully designed emulator with amazing graphical controls that you'll absolutely love! Want to play some classic arcade games on your phone? Download it now!

iEmulators is proud to introduce a new, powerful, and highly sought-out iOS app called PPSSPP - a PSP emulator! You can head on to the "Apps" tab and download it right now. What are you waiting for‽
Check out the latest app updates and new emulator over in the "Apps" tab! We are now introducing BarMagnet, iOS torrent controller, an updated version of iTransmission 4.6 with full Universal support and many other features, as well as a multi-arcade emulator called iFBA!

Download them now!
First it was the removal of Launcher, the app that allowed you to launch apps (and even GBA4iOS games) via URL Scheme in Notification Center, and now our precious emulators found outside the App Store. Apple is setting their eyes on the emulators community, starting by making the now-famous Date Trick completely obsolete in an upcoming update.

There are some new emulators and updates in the Apps tab right now! We added Gearsystem (by @DrHelius) and iSSB (by @lufinkey). We also updated our old version of Gearboy to the latest one with full iOS 7 support (and many more udpates).

All these apps were tested by our loyal beta test team. They found a lot of bugs and reported it to us, which in turn we reported to the developers. iEmulators prides itself in working close with these talented individuals to bring even newer versions of their apps to our site. We are happy for all the support we have had these past few weeks.

Expect even more updates in the future!

The lead creator, host and provider of hundreds of playable controller skins for GBA4iOS 2.0. Check out all the latest skins now available for download.

Mario Week Skins

Jon is a YouTuber that focuses on creating videos related to emulators, apps, iOS devices, video games and anime. He helped beta test GBA4iOS and covered his journey through several videos showcasing all the latest features - he even inspired Riley Testut to adopt Jon's video format for his own videos.

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    iOS Emulators & Apps

    The applications on this section will only work for iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods (depending on iOS version). They require no jailbreak and are easily downloadable by tapping "install" and waiting for a pop-up to appear. Be aware some apps require the date trick to work and that others may overwrite each other.

  • barmagnet-icon
    A torrent remote control
  • gba4ios
    A GBA emulator
  • gba4ios-icon
    GBA4iOS 2.0
    A GBA, GBC and GB emulator
  • gearboy
    A GB and GBC emulator
  • gearsystem
    A Sega Master System emu
  • idos
    A DOS emulator
  • NEW!
    Multi-arcade emulator
  • itransmission
    An iOS BitTorrent client
  • itransmission-new
    An iOS BitTorrent client
  • issb
    A Super Smash Bros game
  • NEW!
    A Multi Arcade Emulator
  • NEW!
    MCPE Maps
    Maps for Minecraft
  • Updated
    A SNES emulator
  • NEW!
    A NDS emulator
  • Updated
    A PSP emulator
  • NEW!
    A multi-Sega and SNES emu
  • recordscreen
    An iOS 6 screen recorder
  • recordmyscreen
    An iOS 6 screen recorder
  • snes4ios
    A SNES emulator
  • snes4ios
    Many More!
    Coming Soon


    Some emulators will require the 'date trick' in order to install and open. This means that you will need to roll the date back on your device. These instructions will tell you the steps to take in order to accomplish this.

  • 1. Switch to the "Apps" tab.
  • 2. Look for the app you'd like to install and tap the section.
  • 3. Now tap the 'install' button at the bottom.
  • 4. Immediately go to 'Settings' on your iOS device.
  • 5. Head to General, then Date & Time.
  • 6. Toggle off "Set Automatically."
  • 7. Scroll the date back one day or to 2012 in some cases.
  • 8. Watch the app download and hit "retry" if prompted.
  • 9. Open once while the date is rolled back.
  • 10. Set your date back to the present.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's iEmulators and how does it work?
iEmulators is a site that allows you to easily install emulators and other apps on your non-jailbroken device. The way we are able to do this depends on many factors, but many of the apps are just distributed through an enterprise certificate that allows anyone to install it outside the App Store.
How do I install an emulator?
Simply head to the "Apps" tab, tap on the emulator you want, then tap "install!" The emulator should start downloading immediately.
My emulator doesn't finish downloading, what do I do?
In some cases, the certificate of the emulator has been revoked by Apple and you must use the date trick in order for them to download.
What's the date trick?
The date trick is an effective method to install apps that have had their certificates revoked by Apple. Essentially, rolling your date back allows you to install and open these apps.
I didn't restart but the app crashes when I open it unless I do the date trick every few hours, why?
This is an issue that has been reported to occur in iOS 8.0.2. It seems Apple is patching our kind of emulators by verifying the certificate (which only requried the date trick once before) every few hours or daily. We cannot do anything about this but avoid installing iOS 8.0.2 on other devices.
Should I update to iOS 8.1?
If you want to continue using our emulators, you should most definitely not right now. It appears that the current build completely patches the date trick necessary to install these revoked apps - we cannot do anything about this but we are investigating alternative tricks for the future.
My device restarted and now some of the apps won't open?
The thing about the date trick is that it doesn't last forever. Every time you restart your device, you must roll your date back once more and open each app.
I downloaded an app and it overwrote another one I had, why?
A few apps were signed with the same provisional profile that forces them to install over each other. We're working hard to get emulators that don't do this, stay tuned.
Will I get in trouble for installing apps?
You shouldn't - many people have been doing this for years.
I downloaded an app and it crashes when I open it.
If this is the case, there's one thing you can try: roll your date back and open the app once while the date is rolled back, then you are allowed to set the date back to the present and use the app. If this didn't work, then the app doesn't work on your device or iOS.
An app was working fine for a few days, then all of a sudden it crashes when I open it now, why?
Sorry about this. These apps and the method we use to install them are very unpredictable. Just roll your date back and open it once to get it working again!
I want to record my screen but they don't work, why?
The currently available screen recorders work only on iOS 6 devices! We are working hard to get some updated versions, stay tuned.
Can you get "X" app?
As iEmulators continues to grow, we will expand our selection. This may take some time as some apps aren't entirely made for non-jailbroken devices by their developers. If you know any developers that may be interested in hosting with us, tell them to contact us.
The emulator doesn't have any games, how can I play?
Emulators are given as is without any games (or ROMs). It is up to you to obtain this as we cannot legally procure them and offer them for you.
Who are the developers of these apps?
When browsing the "Apps" tab, check the descriptions on each to find information on the developers and their websites!
I updated to iOS "X" and now an app doesn't work, what can I do?
That's unfortunate. Many new iOS updates patch a lot of things that made emulators work in an older iOS. The only thing we can do is contact the developer about this but there isn't an assurance that they'll fix it quickly.
How do I get controller skins for GBA4iOS 2.0?
That's easy! You can install some within the app or go to!
Where can I find cheats for GBA4iOS 2.0?
Cheaters don't have it easy, it is a tricky business to find working cheats for GBA4iOS 2.0 that function or don't make the game glitch. All we can say is that you should search on Google to your best of your ability.
When is Multiplayer coming for GBA4iOS 2.0?
Soon, but we can't say when. Multiplayer is an update that will come in version 2.1 - the developer will let us know exactly when it will be out. Follow us on Twitter to know when it will be out.
Why do you guys have ads?
I know everybody hates ads but the truth remains: they pay the bills. iEmulators has been running free of charge for over a year already. When we redesigned iEmulators 2.0, we decided that ads will be implemented to cover man hours, multiple hosting costs, domain bills, etc. We tried to make them not too imposing or spammy. We hope you can understand why we added them.

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